Home Sweet Home (office)

Events around the house in early 2009: new car, and an home office make-over for Anne.

We decided it was time for a new car for Anne, since the wagon has around 180k miles on it. We decided on a Toyota Prius. Miles per gallon has always been in important criteria in selecting a car for Anne. This one is getting around 47 mpg so far. And it's pretty, to, with a cheerful light green color.

Anne's office got a complete make-over. It needed it. But the triggering factor was to give her a treadmill desk. She can now walk while she is on the computer! Or sit; it works either way. Here are some comparison pictures:

Old rug but new paint
new rug & walls


Old desk (& walls)
New desk
Anne at desk

And a picture of the sunset, which we now see. It used to be blocked by trees. We preferred the trees, but the sunsets are nice.


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Updated May 2009