November 2008

First I want to show you our Thanksgiving meal. I make a LOT of food for us. The nice part is then we have leftovers! Yum. The menu:

Lentil Loaf
mashed potatoes
butternut squash
peas & corn
simmered mushrooms
cranberry sauce

Later we had pumpkin pie, and earlier we had Roasted Red Pepper & Sweet Potato Soup.

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The weekend before Thanksgiving, we went to Connecticut. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera! I took a few pictures with my cell-phone, which unfortunately takes lousy pictures. Paul's niece Fallyn made him a special cake, beautifully decorated. There were a few teasing gifts (in addition to a few 'real' ones).

Then the weekend afterwards, we went up to Maine. This time we remembered to bring the camera. My Mom had arranged for some excellent decorations for the occasion. I sent up a picture to Grant's Bakery, and we got a very personalized cake.

Kelly made a special cake out of Bon Appetit magazine. Unfortunately, they didn't mention in the article that it wouldn't stay up on it's own. But it was delicious (& rich).

We played 'spoons'. Cori is certain I have played it before, but I didn't remember. I'm sure she is correct. It is fun. Just about everyone got in on the action at one point or another.

Kelly did another recipe from the magazine, equally good. This is with roasted squash and endive (Kelly's was prettier than their version). And we got a picture of us singing grace before the meal. Of course, we do this every time, but I think this is the 1st time we have gotten pictures.

Mom brought some gingerbread cookies and decorating icing. Keagan was very interested in eating the red icing; it is his favorite color. It did, though, lead to some decoration on his face.

And some other pictures.


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