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Christmas 2008 Pg 4

Just remember, squirrels are cute. And determined. Here is one eating at Mom's squirrel proof feeder.

And a picture of the decorations at her house:

The next day, we went up to Laura's for the big meal and a Yankee Swap.

The 2nd newest member of the family is Remi, Tiff and Matt's Brown Lab. I didn't get any good pictures of Remi; the dog was not inclined to pause for a photo op! Here is a not very good picture, along with Skyla. Skyla was playing Stair Ball with Paul. Skyla will do this for hours, as long as you are willing. Paul humored her for a while. You throw the ball up, Skyla catches it, she releases it so it goes bouncing down the stairs back to you. You throw the ball up, she catches it & sends it down the stairs back to you, You throw ...

Here are the main architects of the meal.

Check out the lovely Christmas cake Fallyn decorated.

The Yankee Swap gifts, ready for action.

There wasn't a lot of gift swapping this year. Somehow Paul ended up with a set that suited him so perfectly.

(Of course, I have confiscated those from him. The blue hat is now my 'sewing hat' that I wear in my cool sewing room.)

A 'formal portriat'

Here are some pictures from our annual Olive Oil Tasting. Uncle Danny, Aunt Tina, Uncle Gene, Aunt Jean, Bobby, Mom, Paul, & Anne are the main participants. The supplies are mostly from Salumeria Italiana and Tutto Italiano (our local specialty shop; if you are in the area you should stop in for a sandwich).

Here is a picture with Debi and Laura, who joined us later in the day.


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