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Our Christmas gathering in Connecticut had 3 main sections: gifts on Christmas Eve, the gathering (meal and Yankee Swap) on Christmas Day, and the now annual Tasting.

We arrived Christmas Eve. We got to meet the latest member of the family, Bear. Bear is an English Mastiff. Reminds me a bit of my Newfoundland Charlemagne. *sigh*

Anyway, we all got together at Mom's house and started with a casual meal.

Mom (Grandma) keeps the house a bit chilly. (We always end up turning the heat up when there!)

Fallyn got a bunch of gifts at once. I know she is under there somewhere...

Some pictures of the Grandchildren.

Laura had me this year. Of course, I really like my holiday clothing. Laura found the perfect ornament for me.

You have to enlarge the picture of the t-shirt to see what it says. It is very clever.

I had Debi this year, & made her two sets of reversible placemats (one side per season).

Debi gave Laura this coat; the color is perfect w/ her hair:

Paul had Mom. He gave her a 'Soda Stream' seltzer water maker. We have one, and just love it. So far, Mom is enjoying it as well. A wonderful thing about this little device is that it doesn't have to be plugged in.

Tiffany had Paul this year. She gave him a cute Patriots Nutcracker ornament, but the picture I took was fuzzy. My other pictures came out OK, though. We have the utensil crock on our counter (I replaced a plain one I had been using with this horse one).

A couple more shots of Bear.

Have I mentioned that Mom keeps the place toooooo cold?

And our annual shot of Ron napping:

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