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Christmas 2008 Pg 2

Despite some questionable weather on Friday and on Sunday, we had good weather on Saturday for our Maine gathering. (We did have to shovel a couple of inches in the morning before leaving, though.) Unfortunately Kelly was not feeling well, so she wasn't there. The table, while looking festive, was certainly not the same without Kelly's touch.

See that bottle of wine on the table? Jenn sent that down, & Mom gave us a bottle as well. It is from Tanguay and Son, a winery in Lewiston! The wine itself was just OK, although the label is great.

Here I am setting out stocking stuffers, and some of the family settling in.

There were many stocking stuffers this year, and not all of them fit inside stockings. Emily & Jimmy look very fashionable in their new t-shirts.

Big box for Nicki... it's a finger puppet tree!

We each opened a gift before the meal, and then continued afterwards. We all marched back in to the living room, except poor Matt who was busy cleaning up all by himself. Luckily he utilized technology (the dishwasher) and so was able to join us after a brief while. We would have helped, but we were being oblivious.

Checking out the gifts:

Opening up some gifts:

Using the gifts, in one form or another:

And we had a bit of a fashion-show with some of the clothing that was given. Other than having to lengthen Cori's pants, everthing seems to have fit pretty well.

Despite picking up wrapping paper as we went along, it looked like a storm had come through.

Matt had a pause before tackling the rest of the clean-up, which he did after we left.

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