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Friday, August 17

On Friday morning we took a walk to Sibley Park to see Diane Manahan's bench. Then we found two geocaches with the gps. When we returned we met up with Nancy and Becky and then took off for the reunion at Pat's and Steve's house in Madelia. After some lunch and socializing, Jimmy and Emily went swimming in the Madelia pool, and then Matt and Jimmy went golfing at the Madelia Golf Course. Then Jimmy played some tennis with Jansen and Gunnar. Then we had a nice Irish stew dinner - prepared by Steve - and a family check-in around the bonfire, before heading back to Mankato for the night.

We hadn't seen Diane's bench before. In fact, I can't say I remember being to Sibley Park before. It is a lovely little park. There are two parts to it: the groomed portion, and a closed portion that is a bit overgrown. The more wild section is where the geocache Matt found is located.

Pictures from the 1st part of the day:

Paul and Matt on the front steps of Vanda's house

Walking down the street - Emily is carrying her shoes!

In the park:

Diane Manahan's bench:

Paul reading the Sibley Park sign:

Kelly and Annika walking up the hill to the overgrown section:

Interesting view of the park, with the grain processing plant in the background:

A couple of shots of us in the overgrown section:

Annika and Tyler in the big front-loader:

The train was going on the track, which we walk under on the way to the park. You can't see it in this picture, but the wooden supports show a mark where the flood line has stopped over the years. It clearly floods there on a semi-regular basis.

And now some pictures from the Madelia get-together: Jon, Becky, Nancy; Kelly, Matt, Vanda, Will, Betsy; Jeff, Annika, Amy; Steve preparing some hot-dogs for lunch; Paul and Bill; the pony and Paul; chickens; another chicken; pony and the rooster; Mike - his beard shows up Paul's; Jenny (Mary Pat & Jon's dog- a bit fuzzy because the light was starting to fade); Craig, Cliff, & Becky; Kelly with a visitor on her knee.


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