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The Aquarium had a jellyfish exhibit.


And then there were the many standard exhibits. The aquarium has a large multi-floor tank in the middle, and then smaller tanks around the outside. We took a number of pictures, most of which didn't come out very well due to lighting, but I'll share a few of particular interest. This is a 'Leafy Seadragon' - look carefully in the center of the picture. Here is Paul and Anne looking at the center tank. And here is an example of a New England shore ("Eastport Harbor")

. .

. .

After the Aquarium kicked us out due to closing time, we wandered over to Quincy Market. There was a fellow there dressed as a Spartan warrior. He looked very much like a statue. For a dollar, he would give you a fortune on a slip of paper. I'd like to have seen his commute into the office. He did an excellent job and deserved every dollar he made.

. .

Here is a map that we saw on our way back from Quincy Market to Back Bay. I've marked on it (in blue)the approximate route that we walked.

We had supper at Paul and Anne's favorite restaurant: Bombay Cafe. Min, the waiter, took our picture. And we took pictures of ourselves. You can see the food in the group picture. Yum.

. . .

On Sunday we took Scout out for some grass. It's one of his favorite activities, besides eating carrots and watermelon rinds.

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And we went over and saw the Reardon's (our neighbors) llamas, Chappy, Noah, and Ackley.

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On another topic: sewing. Something that I've been wanting to do for a year is make a custom dressform, based specifically on my figure. So we finally started the process. It is actually a body form, a combined dress and pants form. For your entertainment, here I am in plaster. (The process involved making a 'mold' of your body, which you then cut off. Obviously this involved two people. I now have to reassemble the mold, and then fill it with some expanding foam. I will put a hanging post in it when I pour the form. Once it dried, I remove the form, smooth out the surface, and cover it with a knit cover. It is a My Twin dress form.)

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updated November 8, 2007