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Manahan Family Reunion 2006 Page 4

Some more coastal pictures, including Northeast Harbor Marina:


Northeast Harbor

Northeast Harbor watercolor look

Northeast Harbor

On Friday we did a drive to the "other side" of the island. Bass Harbor Lighthouse is on the southern tip of the west side of the island. We went there in the morning, to get the best light.

Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Bass Harbor area



Ship Harbor is just down the road from the lighthouse. There is a nice walk there, as well as a campground and picnic area. We ate our bag lunches at the picnic area.




flower and bee

Then we drove up the west side of the island. We saw a mother deer and her fawn on the way. We were going to Indian Point. There is a Nature Conservancy Reserve there, and you can often see Harbor Seals. Unfortunately, they were not around when we went.

Marsh area


I'll throw in a few pictures that Paul took of me, for those of you that like people in your pictures, from various times during the week: one on the loop road, one in the park in downtown Bar Harbor, one in front of the sand bar that shows at low tide in Bar Harbor.


Anne in Bar Harbor


And two final pictures: one from Indian Point and one from Bar Harbor:

Adirondack chairs Indian Point

Bar Harbor at low tide


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[from August 20 2006, updated March 2013]