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Manahan Family Reunion 2006 Page 3

Paul and I have a brand new camera, the Nikon D200 DSLR. Since it is very new to us, we have a large learning curve ahead. The week in Maine was the 1st step up that curve. Paul took the vast majority of the pictures with the new camera. I used our smaller camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2) and practiced composition and using it (which will also give some very good pictures). We took some photo trips around Mount Desert Island.

1st, a picture from my walk in to town with Dad, Vanda, and Emily. Paul sprained his ankle on Monday, so he wasn't able to accompany us. (He healed quickly, although we did have to abandon the notion of doing any hikes that week.)

walking in to town

Note Vanda is wearing the very stylish T-shirt from last year's reunion. (We'd worn ours on Sunday.)

A night picture from COA towards Bar Harbor:

Bar Harbor at night

Some coastal pictures to give you a flavor of Maine; these are from various spots on the loop road in Acadia National Park.

Paul on Sand Beach

rocky coast





tree and sky

On the southern tip of the loop road is Otter Cove. Some lobster boats came in while we were there, with gulls trailing in heavy numbers. There was also some sailboats going by the cove entrance.

lobster boat


One of the lobsterman got close to where we were, and was very cooperative for the picture taking. (He must know he takes a good picture.) We will be mailing him some of the shots.

lobster pot marking

lobster boat



One final page of pictures from the trip remains.


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[from August 20 2006, updated March 2013]