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Manahan Family Reunion 2006 Page 2

Addition pictures of the Irish Murder Mystery / birthday celebration (which was held on Tuesday). (Clicking on the picture will bring up a new page with a larger version of the picture.)

Some more of the "suspects" (Steve, Jim, Nancy, & Vanda were also suspects):

Ted (great umbrella)


Mary Pat (note hat in hand - her character makes hats)

Mary Pat

Bill (aka Anne's character's father, the cobbler)




Becky (milk maid)


Dave (shepherd)


Here is the Queen along with Sheriff O'Matt and detective O'Emily:

Irish Murder Mystery

And some of the other characters. I won't be able to include everyone, but I'll put a few up:

Mark is the wayward prince, and Nikki is the queen's maid (perfect outfit for the part). The children were various leprechauns: Nicki and Mark

Dixon, Amy, & Don:

Dixon Amy Don

We love this picture of Sheila (and also Jeff):

Shiela and Jeff

Here is Chuchang as princess with Detective O'Emily

Chuchang and Emily

Everyone had fun:

Irish Murder Mystery

A cute picture of Sondra:


And Nicki dressed perfectly for her part:


And finally I'll put on this page a picture of the siblings, plus my father and Vanda:


Jim and Vanda

Move on to page 3 of the report for some additional pictures from the trip, that will hopefully give you a flavor for the area.


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[from August 20 2006, updated March 2013]