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Christmas 2006 Page 4

We are lucky enough to have a spread-out Christmas celebration, seeing Paul's family the weekend before Christmas and Anne's family the weekend after Christmas. Here is the Maine side. Click on the thumbnail picture and a new window will open with a larger version; close that window to come back to this page

Christmas in Maine

Let's start with the tree:

Christmas Tree 

closer pic of tree

Of particular note is the snow outside the window. We were actually able to have a White Christmas, even if it was on December 30th.

We only have one picture of the stocking stuffing activities (since we were doing some of it ourselves). A couple of years ago, Kelly started the tradition of using gift bags (or one time, LL Bean tote bags) for the stockings. This works substantially better than actual stockings.

Gerry and Mom

Another "calm before the storm" picture:

Dinner setting

And now I'd like to show you the storm:



Don't let his innocent demeanor fool you. I didn't get a picture this year of Keagan and Paul doing laps around the kitchen / dining room dividing wall. I always felt that Jimmy, when a youngster, had that perfect little boy look. Keagan also has it, but the "can you guess what I just did" version!

Here is Jimmy, sporting his "with holes" pants, and Emily, sporting her festive hat:



One of the hit gifts this year was Kelly and Matt's gift of dress-up clothing to Nicki.

Nicki opening gift

Nicki with box of dress-up clothing

Nicki trying on outfit

And two different looks being demonstrated:

Nicki in pink

Nicki at window

Nicki and Keagan

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[Posted January 4, 2007; updated March 2013]