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As previously mentioned, we went to the Frick Collection on Saturday morning. This is a small but select collection. They were featuring St Francis in the Desert, and for good reason. Some of the other 'favorites' from this museum are:

The Four Seasons by Boucher. There is a different scene for each season. Paul noted that Winter is the only one where someone looks out directly at the viewer.

Liotard's Trompe l'Oeil was one of my favorites. At first glance it looks like items hanging or tacked to wood, then you realize that these are painted. And after that you realize - but mostly only after reading the description - that the wood isn't wood at all, but painted canvas that looks like wood.

Monet is so known for color, that this Vétheuil in Winter is a very unusual work for him.

This Renoir of a mother and children is very famous.

One of Paul's favorites was this Turner painting, Antwerp. The wind seems to be coming in from different directions, causing a particularly choppy sea.

This early Temptation of Christ work seems like a great example of pieces from that time.


On Sunday we had our longer walk in Central Park. We went up to the Conservatory Garden. Diane lamented that we were not seeing it with the beautiful Spring blooms (and if you look at the on-line link you can see the blossoming trees clearly in the picture). But the garden is still very nice, and it was a lot of fun for a budding gardener (that would be Anne) to see. Here we are at the large central plaza.

You can see in this next picture that there are many shady spots to sit in. It was a slightly cool Sunday morning so the area had few people.

There were birds on the fountain statue. The birds did not seem very phased by our presence.

On the other side of the green is another statue "Three Dancing Maidens". I added a fourth, although since my back was still stiff my form is a little off!


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